Can't install the core to ubuntu 14.04 [Solved]

When trying to download the core, I came across the step where I needed to run ’’. When I tried, I got the error ‘error: could not lock config file .git/config: No such file or directory’. What have I done wrong?

Now, after failing, I cant use mycroft. He just says ‘I dont understand’.

Can you check if you have a .git directory where mycroft is downloaded. If not you might need to make one using mkdir .git. Also did you download mycroft usign a git clone? or did you download the zip file from github.

I worked it out. But thanks for your help.

Great! @Barney_Woodrow can you list the steps you took, or the solution to your problem? This would help other community members who may run into the same issue.

Ok, I deleted the core from my home folder, and git cloned it rather than downloading it from the github page. Then everything else worked.