Can't install skills

I have just install the Linux version on Fedora. I have an account and registered my device using the six character code. Some of the skills are working for me. What I am really wanting is to install another skill but Mycroft doesn’t understand “install skill”. So I try on the web site. I locate the skills page and click on “add” for a skill and nothing happens.

Ultimately I want the Home Assistant skill. It is installed and working but pretty basic at the moment. If I can get the two platforms talking to each other than I can expand.

Hi there @Robert_Dyck, thanks for giving Mycroft a try.

We need a little bit more information to try and find out what’s happening here.

Skills log

Are you able to provide your skills.log? More information on where to find the skills.log.

Install Skill not working

Thanks for giving this Skill a try. This Skill should work for any Skill available in the Marketplace.

If it’s not working, it would be useful to know what sort of error messages are being displayed.

Home Assistant

You can find out more about the Home Assistant Skill at its GitHub page;

Sorry about the delay. We have had a storm and an extended power outage. Here are a few lines from the skills log.

08:45:17.322 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“type”: “mycroft-reminder.mycroftai:reminder”, “data”: {}, “context”: null}
08:45:19.729 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“type”:“recognizer_loop:utterance”,“data”:{“utterances”:[“install btotharye-home-assistant”]}}
08:45:19.735 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“type”: “intent_failure”, “data”: {“utterance”: “install btotharye-home-assistant”, “lang”: “en-us”}, “context”: {}}
08:45:19.737 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“type”: “mycroft.skill.handler.start”, “data”: {“handler”: “fallback”}, “context”: {}}
08:45:19.738 - mycroft.skills.padatious_service:handle_fallback:133 - DEBUG - Padatious fallback attempt: install btotharye-home-assistant
08:45:19.743 - WolframAlphaSkill - DEBUG - WolframAlpha fallback attempt: install btotharye-home-assistant
08:45:19.743 - WolframAlphaSkill - DEBUG - Non-question, ignoring: install btotharye-home-assistant
08:45:19.746 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“type”: “speak”, “data”: {“utterance”: “Please rephrase your request.”, “expect_response”: false}, “context”: {}}

Hi there @Robert_Dyck, thanks for posting those logs from skills.log - very helpful.

What I think is happening here is that the Installer Skill cannot interpret the hypens correctly. If you type install btotharye home assistant does that produce a different result?

It seems that the KDE Mycroft Plasmoid has some holes in it. I located the code for the skills installer and installed the installer manually. It’s working much better now. In the mean time I had installed some other skills manually including homeassistant. I don’t have any devices yet on HA so that is the next hurdle.

Is there a straight forward way as in easy, to list the utterances that a skill supports?

Hi @Robert_Dyck, the easiest way to see this is to see the Skill’s page in the Mycroft Marketplace:

Alternatively, you can have a look at the source code of the Skill:


Inside this folder you will have either a vocab directory with something.voc files, or a locale directory with similar. Intents are represented in .voc files, for example;

Turn on the {{room} light

The {{room}} notation corresponds to a variable in the Skill’s code.

Does that help at all?

Yes, the market place is handy for finding the phrases. Unfortunately the Plasma related skills are not listed, with the exception of Plasma Activities. I think I will need to familiarize myself with format of the skill files.

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