Can't find where to change my email address for the forum

I have changed my email address and want to update it in this forum, but I can’t find where to do that. If it syncs up with, how long does it take? Because the forum login wouldn’t take the username I now use for, but does take my old email address and password. Please help!

Hi TrekJunky,

We haven’t yet implemented single-sign-on between the Forum and Home. It’s on the roadmap but our priority at the moment is releasing the new The Forums are also slated for an upgrade, as currently some functionality is restricted which includes changing email addresses.

As a work around, can you email me from the address currently associated with your account and let me know your new email address. I can then change it on the backend. You will then receive an email to your new address with a confirmation link.

I sent you the email. Please email me when done. Thanks!!!

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