Can't find the locale file

I’m developing a skill based on the mycroft-date-time skill and the python program executes itself properly the skill is triggered normally and understands the request but doesn’t return an answer and I suspect it’s due to something regarding the locale at line 70

It is not clear to how self.astral is defined.
Can you provide the full code (pastebin or github-repo)?

As far as I understand Astral exspects a geolocation (e.g. a city name like “London”).
Browsing through your code I think you accidently provide a locale setting (region/time-zone code) instead.
Can you provide the detailed error message? Maybe add some debug output in front of line 70 that outputs the value of “locale” just before calling self.astral[locale]).

Yes you are right because when I display locale it it prints Europe/Paris

Finally after checking it seems the problem isn’t coming from locale but thanks for helping me anyways