Can't connect PiCroft to servers?

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for about 3 hours now but it still doesn’t work.

Problem: MyCroft is saying

It seems I cannot connect to the Mycroft servers. Please give me a few minutes before trying to speak to me.

Even though my RaspberryPi can update properly and I can see the device active in my WiFi settings.

Also ConfigurationSkill is giving me a WARNING:

ConfigurationSkill - WARNING - Failed to update settings, will retry later

I’d appreciate some help.

Now that I think of it, are the MyCroft servers down perhaps?

I had the same issue since yesterday. my existing mycroft connects but not my newly installed one as it does not want to pair currently with mycroft servers. so i think portions of the system are down at the moment – but I am going for a third try of reinstalling mycroft currently just incase it still somehow locally related.

Currently it fixed itself. Might’ve been the servers but I have no way of checking it myself other than perhaps pinging some address but i don’t know what address i could try.

Nevertheless, it works for me now… don’t know how and why but it does.

New Problem: I can’t use the Skill Settings in

I’ve read into some posts about others having same/similar problems like me and it always seemed to be a server problem.

Is it possible that the servers are overflowed?

Because if yes, perhaps mycroft should enable local servers…

same here after the third try today it finally connected to the server. and I could pair the device…

Hi all,

The team discovered and fixed a bug with the skills setting endpoint over the weekend. This was causing problems with some people skill settings page and could cause units to be non-responsive.

If you’re still seeing any of this behaviour from now onward, please let us know.

Thanks for reporting it!

I’m still seeing this occur, I cannot add any skills and I cannot change any settings for the skills.

might need to reboot the servers…

Hi Jason, just so I’m clear, the Skills are displaying on your Skill Settings page, however after changing some settings, hitting save, and waiting a few minutes, they aren’t being reflected on your device. Is that right?

If you have more than one device, can you double check that you are changing the settings on the correct device. We recently condensed the settings so that the same Skill across multiple devices can have multiple sets of settings. For each Skill there are tabs currently called “Version 1”, “Version 2” etc. Under each of these the device names will be listed for which device they relate to.

no. I have no skills showing on my Skills Settings page. I cannot add new skills or configure them. I also see in the log mycroft.skills.skill_manager:download_skills:227 - ERROR - Could not upload skill manifest.
then it shows the traceback. I asked it to create a support ticket but it fails.

It sounds like you have shell access, if you want to upload all your logs to you can run:
for log in /var/log/mycroft/*.log; do echo "====$log====" | cat - $log | nc 9999; done
This will upload each one individually and return a list of short url’s.

If you can send that to it will really help us to diagnose what’s going on.

Appreciate the help in working this out :slight_smile:

I too had the skills disappear on me, from one moment to the next

@gez-mycroft is the skill server dead? if i open there is nothing. I can’t use any skill anymore…

Hey wuse, we did have a disruption to that service for a few hours, thankfully it was a quick fix. If you are still having problems please let us know.