Can't change voice in and other problems

I can’t change the voice in the settings. TTS isn’t working and my Mycroft assistant has no voice, it can do things such as sing, tell me the news, but can not do things such as telling me the time with voice. The text appears in CLI but it does not speak.

This is the unfortunate state of Dinkum right now - it’s unmaintained and the backend infrastructure is crumbling. I’d highly recommend you look into Neon or OVOS. You should have received a drive with Neon installed on it. If not, please reach out to @NeonClary and she’ll get you sorted.

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This looks like it might be a desktop installation, rather than a factory-settings Mark II (what Mike referred to as Dinkum.) If so, you’re looking at a different issue, but the fundamental problem is the same:

Mycroft’s community and downstream companies are keeping Mycroft alive, but MycroftAI, Inc, is mostly dead. They’ve handed over this forum, Mark II support, and a few other things, but not the classic Mycroft repository brand, so desktop users will have to migrate to a maintained fork. Here’s a FAQ:

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Oh man thanks for the heads up. I read yesterday that it was basically abandoned. I think ovos is the way to go for me.