Can't access SSH into Neon

I’ve installed and updated Neon to 23.07.20 on my Mark II. I can’;t ssh into it and when I try to enable ssh from the menu screen, nothing seems to happen. I’ve rebooted and powered it up/down since the update and nothing changes.

The time came up 1 hour off and the temperature is in Centigrade and I can’t find a way to change either of those from the home screen so I am assuming I need to ssh into it and change some files.

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These are a few of the standard commands you could use with voice commands:

“hey [wakeword] Use imperial units” should switch you to freedom units again :smile:

Regarding ssh: are you sure you are using the right IP address to ssh to ?
On the touchscreen → settings → about
will you show you the current ip address

ssh neon@[ip_address_of_neon]

Yeah, finally figured that out. Duh. But I still have the ssh issue.

Just updated my earlier posting with ssh suggestion

Yep. I verified the address on the home screen matches the DCHP lease on the router and even had it vocalize the address. They all match.