Cannot get picoft started at all

Downloaded the image and burned it to a micro SD card (64GB, if that makes a difference). Using a Pi3. Have re-burned the image a few times, but every time I put it in my Pi and start it up it runs some scripts and ends here:

Everything says “OK” until the very end, with 2 Failures. It never takes me to the setup screen and at the end asks for login info for “renegade”. First failure is an OpenVPN connection to myconfig. Second failure is for starting /etc/rc.local Compatibility.

I confess that I am a complete newbie when it comes to working with a Pi and am at a complete loss on how to go forward from here.

Not sure what you downloaded, but I don’t think Picroft runs on Ubuntu. The version I have runs on Rasbian 10 Buster. The download link for that stable version is here:

Picroft Stable 2020-09-07 image

You can also look at the “getting started” page on here:

I used the image download link on the Getting Started with Picroft page and followed the instructions there. I will try the link that you posted here, thank you!

It’s still doing the same thing with the version you linked to - downloaded with the same file name so at least it was the correct program, it’s just not taking me to the setup screen. Still getting the same failures too.

Is it still showing Ubuntu as the OS? Can you format the microSD card before imaging it? What software are you using to write the image file to the microSD card? Sorry to ask so many basic questions, but sometimes starting from scratch can help figure out what is going on. If the OS is still Ubuntu, I suspect that the card is write protected. There are numerous guides online to remove the write protection if this is the case.

Hey i have a problem. i cant download the " Picroft Stable 2020-09-07 image"
can you help me please ? if you can send me a new link or something similar to that i would be so grateful.
thank in advance

Hi @Vigny_Icare and welcome!

Please have a look to this topic Upgrading from Mycroft