Cannot find spotify devices

Hi I have a fresh picroft set up and I have the spotify skill installed and configured but mycroft cannot find any spotify devices to play too.

I have raspotify installed on the mycroft pi and I can stream from my computer and phone app to the raspotify endpoint.

I tried removing the skill and re-adding, without putting my creds in the UI and it said it was not activated, I then put my creds in and it activated but could not find any endpoints.

Has something changed on the skill recently? I had this working a month or two ago.

I was able to get it working, i had to go into the raspotify config and manually put in my username and password, it is now showing up as a device for mycroft.

the issue now is that mycroft is waiting for songs to end or spotify to stop to respond to queries.

has anyone seen this ?

Hi redacted,
I have the same issue that I cannot stream from my pi on the Mycroft Speaker. How did you solve it in detail? Sorry if this question is kind of stupid. I’m new with My- and Picroft.