Can Mycroft start a video chat?

Just starting out looking at mycroft, so I’m pretty new to all this. Can mycroft be used to fire up a video call say with skype or wire of one of the other video call services? tying to set something up for my Mom so she can say call and have it fire up a video call

Mycroft can do everything :wink: but only if someone has made a skill to do it. I am right now building a great list of all mycroft skills on Github, and hassnt seen any that looks like a skype skill or other video conference skill.
You can write a post in the skills sugetions section, and describe what you wish for, and then someone maybe will do it or come with suggetions on how to make such a skill.

It is defently a good idea for a skill - special when mark_2 is comming as it has screen and camera (optional).

Only problem I can see regarding to skype is that it isnt an open protecol.

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wasn’t sold necessarily on skype, just looking for something that worked. where is the documentation on writing skills

just found the docs, I’ll read them first. I’ll come back after looking at them first


Hi there @Jose_Galvez you can also join us for assistance in the Skills chatroom on Mycroft Chat.