Can MyCroft monitor sounds that aren't speech?

Can I build a skill where I instruct MyCroft to listen for certain sounds for an extended period of time? I have an electric bug zapping light near MyCroft in my office. When I leave the office I’d like to ask MyCroft to count the number of zaps that he hears, so he can tell me the count the next morning.

This seems very possible…see:

You’d have to train a model to listen for zaps, of course.

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Thanks for that link baconator! Is there any existing skill that responds to a sharp hand clap? Maybe I should learn how to do that first?

Yes, however you would have to train your own Precise model.

Thanks for that info, but first I need to update the software in my Mark 1? Is there a simple way to do that?

I used SSH to update MyCroft to 18.8.1 and the listener is now Precise.

I’m trying to find the most simple sound to monitor.

Is there already a skill to read the frequency of a single note? MyCroft could then act as a guitar tuner? Or you could play a single note on an organ and MyCoft could identify it?

A guitar tuning skill would be cool, though I suspect it’d be used more like ‘hey mycroft play an E string’. This skill does not currently exist that I know of.

The wakeword/wake sound monitoring, if done with precise, can be trained to listen for various things (hey mycroft, christopher, jarvis, sneezes, etc). This isn’t a skill in and of itself, but a tool that can be adapted to do what you’re looking for. Not sure how it’d handle the specifc frequency, though.


It would probably be easier to make a skill that enables the input then passes the sound to a script that processes the recorded audio.
Request: Hey Mycroft: what note is this
Response: Ok go ahead and play the note
Listening enabled and passed to audio evaluation logic
Response: that was Dee Sharp.
An example of some python tuning code is located here…


I am starting to make a sound tuner skill, that will “give me an E-string”.

I will get back when something is working.

@baconator How to figure out which E-strings you want to gear ?

Here is first atemp to make a sound-tuner-skill.


Is possible trigger an action by a clap hands ? (e.g. turn on - off lights )