Can Mycroft be used to frustrate Telemarketers?

I was wondering if Mycroft could be used to frustrate Telemarketers? You know, play with them, respond to a keyword in their speel, drop other random statements into a rambling, drawn out, waste of their time. I figure a skill called telemarketers and a subskill for each of the keywords scammers and telemarketers use.

Can you have subsubskills?

I know Lenny and Jolly Roger both do “frustrate the telemarketer” calls but both of these are “charge for service” redirects that require a human to answer and then quickly redirect.

Really love Lenny (even though “he” only has 21 phrases) and “Microsoft Tech Support” scammer that goes for 32 mins. The ducks are just classic


This is heinous and evil. I love it! :smiling_imp:

How do you see it working with phone calls? Would you hold the receiver up to the microphone and see if some sort of dialogue would ensue?

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I never had a chance to try this on a real telemarketer: - maybe this can be implemented as a skill?

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Not sure, was thinking of an asterix box with mycroft on it. Asterix intercepts the phonecall and if the caller is in the whitelist, redirects it to your phone. If not, asterix hands it on to mycroft to pester the scammer/telemarketer for as long as possible.