Can I use the git clone install method on the RPi?

Can I use the git clone method of installation for Mycroft on the Pi? I’d like to use it so I can just use git to keep the system updated, if that’s possible.

You should be able to, but I haven’t done it myself. You’ll probably have to do some configuration to make sure it works, so for that, check out the repo of the picroft_enclosure.

There’s also some settings that are specific for the picroft as it optimizes it for use with pulse audio (which has some issues) so you might need to do those manually.

If you’re just looking to keep it updated, it updates automatically every night. You can also turn this off or change where it updates from. Those settings are cron jobs. You can follow this guide to edit them:

I use the git clone method on the Pi a fair bit. Just be aware that mimic will take a long time to compile.

I am trying to do the same thing but I have getting error while running ./
I am using latest raspbian PIXEL.
the error is related to installation of portaudio19-dev : unmet dependencies.
any suggestions?

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!