Can I run Linux Commands?

Is there a way that I can get Mycroft to run some linux programs. I am running Linux Mint 19 on a laptop. For example:

  • “Hey Mycroft. Open Firefox.”
  • “Hey Mycroft. Open Pithos”



The desktop skill can accomplish most of this now.

Thanks. This looks like it requires the KDE Plasma Desktop. Is that the case?

I believe so, yes. (20char padding)

Thanks. unfortunately, that will not work for me. I use Cinnamon and Xfce. Is there another way that you know of?

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Use that skill as a framework to for another skill that works in xfce?

Hi there @DennisD,

At the moment the skill-desktop only works on Mycroft for Plasma.

A separate Skill will be required for other distributions, and will need to specifically use the path to executables on that particular distribution; this is one of the drawbacks of Mycroft across multiple distributions.

At a code level, we try to provide a way to do this using - which can be used to conditionally import different libraries or binaries for different platforms.

In summary though, this would require a new Skill to be developed for xfce / Cinnamon.

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