Can I do video-calls with Mark II?

How about the video resolution of the display and the kind of display (oled, lcd…).

Would there be a chance to do a video call, technically?

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Very likely, if a skill was written to do so.

It can be technically done by developing a skill. That being said, Mark II won’t have a camera, hence your interlocutor won’t see you while you don’t connect a USB camera.

Besides that, both your interlocutor and you will need to use the same video call technology (i.e.: client). This can be by creating a skype skill, a webex skill, a webrtc skill, a nextcloud talk skill… and the proper server for you both to connect (skype, webex, STUN, Nextcloud Server, PeerJS, etc)

As I see this quite useful, I also see this quite hard to develop and maintain without using a commercial service like skype, or perhaps if Mycroft devs folks can afford to maintain a WebRTC server. I don’t use -and I don’t want to use- Skype by any means, so I would set up my own WebRTC server, and when calling, my interlocutor would only need to click to a link to a website from a computer o mobile device while I could use the Mycroft skill and screen


I’m working on a communications skill (:warning: not ready!:warning: ) which allows mycroft devices to communicate with each other with messaging, intercom and calling and video chat.

Also, there was an add on to add-on a camera to the mark 2, for an extra price.


@brrn but all the participants in the video call will need mycroft to communicate each other, isn’t it? I would love to see a Mycroft in every home of the world (and take profit of my investments on MycroftAI xD) but as for today, it will be almost an unused skill… perhaps if it works in Mycroft for Desktops can be more widely adopted.

Despite these words, I would LOVE to see that skill in action and I would use it instead Nextcloud Talk instantly! :wink:

Matrix is the open source standard: Redirect
if you need support:

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Alright, I haven’t thought through the skill all the way yet, but I’m thinking that between 2 Mycroft’s, one would be the server which both Mycroft’s connect to. Right now, I’m trying to get text between Mycrofts, but I’ll keep you all posted.

I could see the skill being extended to incorporate services like Skype, but first, I want to set up inter device communication before trying to use external services.


Mycroft would be great for handsfree voip calls, indeed !

Matrix has Application Services (bridges to IRC, Slack, Skype, Lync and more…)


Yes, I know matrix. I’d set up one server on my work as messaging system with riot.

As far as I know, matrix bridges are just for texting. Correct me if I’m wrong. I doubt we can do a video or voice call from mycroft-matrix to skype clients, or lync clients, etc.

I’m certainly not a Matrix expert but I’ve found this project, for instance:

more info in the Bridges chatroom:

What is about the Signal Messenger?

I am not sure if the had the video-call and voice-call outside android and iOS availible but the service is really good!
And they had a cli @github.

Greetings by suisat

Uhmmm, say what?
What do you mean no camera?

I DID already pay for a camera option on Crowdox.

Looks like that page is unavailable now.
What about another blogpost with some progress on the REAL production of the Mark2?
I thought that was gonna be a monthly thing?


Please don’t be upset with me, perhaps I’m wrong… I’m a backer since Mark I and I pledged for the Mark II too, and if the memory doesn’t fail to me, I just remember the camera as ‘optional’. I’ve just reviewed the Indiegogo page and I cannot see the camera anywhere on the original crowdfunding site.

On the link I put, it was shown the full specs and the camera didn’t appear there either. They did recently some changes on the web ecosystem and now there is no full specs. As they had to change the SoC earlier this year, perhaps they should pronounce about the camera option. But again, Mark II didn’t come with a camera by default. That said, if that crowding platform you mention let you choose to pay for an optional camera, surely your Mark II will come with one.

No worries malevolent,

Not upset at all. Just a bit baffled. Still can’t believe that so little progress with regards to the hardware was made in the last half year.


Well, they have really progressed if we consider the setback they have suffered with the manufacturer and the consequent change of SoC, which has forced them to redesign a significant part of the Mark II. So, I don’t really know if there is room for a camera at the moment… you should ask them or wait for the next hardware update.
I think having a cam is not a priority for them (I guess never was) because most of us consider a camera as an intrusion to our privacy, yet I agree it can be useful for certain skills.

Regarding the topic, I set up recently at job a jisti server. (
The service and videocall quality is awesome, and they have all the infrastructure where you can place a conference for free, you just need a browser and that’s all.
I think a skill using jitsi would be quite easy to develop

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Yes, I’ve used jitsi too.

It’s really good indeed.
I was going to use the camera for exactly that, simple and fast standups with my team members :smile:

Okay, sorry for the delay, but I’ve been working on this skill and I’ve got auto connecting to other Mycroft devices and an intercom working right now. I just posted this: Communications Skill - Intercom using Mycroft!