Can build skills mycroft by Python 3

Now mycroft use python 2.7 to build environment and run
But i studied python 3.6 before, can i use it to build skills in mycroft project ?

python 3 support is being developed but not rolled out as far as I am aware of at this point.
More information here.

Tks u =)) i wish that mycroft upgrade env to python 3.x
I think that python 2.7 is old version

Did u used Picroft ?

So, maybe I confused you a bit, but python 3 is actually not supported at this point. My original question was the same as yours, if you review the thread I linked to you will notice that it is still under development. @KathyReid should be able to provide an update on the progress and rollout. My best guess would be the 18.08b (August) rollout based on what I have read.

So, Python 3.4 should be released next week. We need to assess the impact on Skills in our dev branch, and if there is a large impact - for instance, many Skills which would need significant updates to work on Python 3.4, then we may delay. We’re currently putting together useful information for Community Developers around the things to watch for in the Python 2.7 => 3.4 transition, and hope to be releasing that on Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th.


will be on Picroft ?
I hope that :slight_smile:

next week, we will have what we expect

Yes, Picroft will be moved to Python 3.4 (that’s why we’re using 3.4 because it’s the Raspbian version of Python), however we may be a few weeks away from building another Picroft image with Python 3.4 support.