Can Baidu help Mycroft with its English/Mandarin recognition?

@Autonomouse we saw this. Very excited about it, we are really thinking hard on how to make use of this to potentially solve our STT problem.

Hopefully their license is better than the one for RemixOS.

Just to continue the theme of posting random AI stuff that you undoubtedly already know about, I was chatting to the CTO and founder of a company called Skymind at an event earlier on in the week.

They have a popular (java based) distributed deep-learning project that is released under the open Apache License (2.0), called deeplearning4j.

He billed his company as the “Canonical/Red Hat* of AI”, so it might be a good fit if you haven’t decided on that side of things yet.

Just thought I’d mention it because he seemed like a smart guy and was very aproachable. Looked about 12 though.

(* delete as appropriate depending on the audience :slight_smile: )

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Yeah, we’ve seen the deeplearning4j stack. I’d be interested in having a conversation with the CTO if you have his contact info. @jdorleans has developed a machine learning stack of his own which we have been looking at how to best leverage, but considering the open source nature of our project and the DL4J project, there is no reason we can’t work together with Skymind and company. :smile: