Call for videos!

Hi everybody!

I hope everyone is doing awesome.

Right now, we’re working on spreading the word to get more developers using Mycroft to work on their creative projects. If you guys think you’ve done something awesome with Mycroft, it would be awesome if you could send us a video. I know a lot of people already have posts on youtube, so if you do, could you drop a link on this forum thread?

What we want to do is cut a bunch of them together for a quick reel of everything that is currently working with Mycroft. If that’s something you want to be a part of, please send us some videos. Quality does not matter. Go ahead and use your phone and shoot some quick video of what you’ve built so far using Mycroft. We’re really trying to make a shout-out to our community so when people ask “What can you do with Mycroft?” we can say it’s what EVERYONE can do with Mycroft.

If you can get them to us within the next week, it would be great. Around Wednesday we want to put some together and have a cool video on Youtube.

Thanks everyone!

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Here’s an awesome example:

Video Contest always good to get dev’s onbard

Dont have time to make a vid myself but can contribute an idea ( now that the Rpi3 aplay issue has been closed in v 0.8.6).
I think a vid like described below would encourage RPi hobbyists to try out mycroft …

Video " Recipe: Raspi conversion to Mycroft Appliance in 5 minutes and ?? USD of parts"
RPi 3
RPi 3 Power supply (2.5 Amp ? )
SD card with Mycroft image downloaded ( most Rpi devs have done this SD card burn so many times … prob dont need to show)
PS3 Eye Toy
Powered Speakers with std headphone jack

Video content:
Show assembly, initial boot of Pi3, Wifi Config , Registration on, then speak some intial questions : time, weather , news , trivia