Button options on stock Mark1&2

Hi there. I’ve been playing around with the PiCroft on Raspi4 for a while and decided to go in and build a Fallout-Style Securitron as a Mycroft-Assistant.

(This is the front Head-Area of the Mycroft-Securitron-ToBe)

Now I wonder, what Input options does a “normal” Mycroft provide (Mark 1 & 2). Is there a “be quiet” button? Or even more options?

Thx in advance.

(BTW: I will publish the 3D-Files once this works)

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Mark-1 has a push-button/rotary-encoder on top. Push stops Mycroft to speak and activates listening (wake-word). Rotating does increase/decrease volume
Picroft with Google-AIY-Kit has a LED/Button on top. Push function is identical to Mark-1.
Latest Mark-2 designs i know of has a touch-sensitive display. Don’t know if there is another button for mute/wake.

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