💡 Introduction: Winael, backer


My name is Winael.

I discovered this project with the support you received from Canonical and the Ubuntu Community. Thanks to them, their sharing their enthousiasm and now here I am.

As soon as I read that Mycroft is based on Ubuntu Snappy, I said ‘OK I need this stuff’. And when you announce that a client will be land on desktop and maybe on the Ubuntuphone with stretch goal 1, I become a real real fan.

As an Ubuntuphone Insiders, I will happy to help to promote a give feedback for the Ubuntuphone part :smiley:

Congratulations to all the team, and Mycroft will really rocks !



Awesome, welcome Winael. We will need you to help test and make sure Mycroft works great on Ubuntu Phone! Glad to have you!

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Hi Ryan,

I’ll very happy to help… at the condition that I put Samantha voice (Her from Spike Jonze) [aka Scarlett Johansson] on it ^^

Can’t wait to make demo of this during event where i present the phone

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