💡 Introduction: Ryan Sipes, CTO of Mycroft A.I

Ryan Sipes

CTO & International Man of Mystery.

That picture above is of me, I’m the CTO of Mycroft A.I. and a fanatical open source enthusiast. I cut my teeth on Ubuntu back in approx. 2005 (it’s really hard to remember exactly when I started using Linux). I had this connection with the open source ethos and the ability to really touch the code and adjust it as I saw fit.

Nowadays you can find me talking to folks about Mycroft enthusiastically and getting confetti thrown at me while I try to gather my thoughts. You can also find other videos of me talking online, like when I recently was a guest on the Ubuntu community Q&A:

Beyond that I do podcasting (I’ll let you find that yourself), and sometimes play a game on Steam (on Linux of course, what is Windows?).

Post below and let me know what I forgot, as the Internet now knows more about me than I do. :smile:

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We need to play steam games sometime! lol :tv:

For those interested, my username is ryanleesipes on Steam (notice a trend?).