💡 Introduction: Joshua Montgomery, CEO of Mycroft A.I

Hello Mycroft community. It looks like Ryan has made an excellent start at pulling together a diverse group of folks and I’m excited to see that the community is already beginning to take shape. Going forward Ryan will be responsible for building a community of developers and helping to communicate our vision for the future of A.I. We are going to work hard to make sure that the communication is two way and that we listen carefully to your feedback. We value your contributions.

As the CEO my role here at Mycroft is to facilitate the developers, designers and business staff to help them build the best AI possible. I am also responsible for communicating our vision and helping to achieve our long term goal - strong A.I.

I have a diverse background that includes engineering (aircraft design & flight simulation), entrepreneurship (Wicked Broadband, Retail Navigation, Lawrence Center for Entrepreneurship) and cyber security (Information Warfare Officer in the United States Air Force). My technical background includes programming competently in PHP and Python. I also program incompetently in C++, Java, SQL and several other languages.

I’ve got a strong background in CADD and own/operate an ISP, Makerspace and Datacenter in Lawrence Kansas. I’m also a huge fan of Sci-Fi and spend a lot of time borrowing ideas from Sci-Fi authors and trying to make them in the real world. Though I still can’t figure out how to build a light saber, the Mycroft project is firmly in my realm of expertise and ability.

I’ve always been very supportive of the Open Source movement, but have never had the opportunity to contribute anything significant. Mycroft is my first attempt to build and deploy a system that gives back to the Open Source community. Without Open Source, my ISP wouldn’t be possible. It is past time to give some of that success back.

I am a strong believer that the best way to solve a complex problem is to build a competent team, provide them with the resources they need, then work to clear roadblocks for them. My project management style is based on the Agile method and I work hard to provide transformational leadership to the team. I’m hoping that with the right team and a lot of hard work we can give the world the gift of strong A.I.

We are about to enter our first sprint (October 1) and will be working to complete the PCB design and get the natural language loop fully implemented. We are going to keep the initial team small, but will work to release Mycroft’s code to the wider community as soon as we can do so with full confidence that end users will have a good experience.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone and to implementing a fantastic project in partnership with the Mycroft community.

Joshua “Syndrome” Montgomery
Mycroft A.I.
925 Iowa St Ste R
P.O. Box 3532
Lawrence, KS 66044


Hi Joshua

Thx a lot for this project. I just hoping that your real target is not to build an AI capable of destroy all super-hero :wink:

Best regads

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Hello Joshua, nice to hear from u… I have so much in my mind about AI and I m eager to work for Mycroft :wink: