💡 Introduction: Jonathan D'Orleans

Dear MyCroft Community,

I would like to congratulate MyCroft Team for the work they have been doing so far. MyCroft is definitely an awesome project and a technology an opensource world needs to have access in real-life. As I am very motivated by this project I would also like to introduce myself and offer my help on whatever necessary.

I have a Computer Science graduation followed by a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence. I am really passionate about programming, opensource, AI and making the world a better place for everybody. I’m also a graph database enthusiastic (Neo4J to be precise).

Currently, I work for a software company that provides solution to logistic problems like Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) and I have used AI algorithms such as Genetic Algorithms to solve them. During my free time I learn more about Machine Learning, opensource projects, new techs and trends. I’ve also developed an opensource Artificial Neural Evolutionary Framework called Neo Evolution and a VLC Remote Control app for Ubuntu phone.

Therefore, I’m excited to share my experiences and knowledge to turn this project a success.


Jonathan D’Orleans


Neo Evolution Framework

The following is a very primitive POC called AutoPilot I’ve done to validate my framework.
This is a game similar to Flappy Bird and the goal here is to learn to fly.

VLC Control

A presentation of VLC Control for Ubuntu phone and its features


Both of these projects look super cool! I really like Autopilot and the Neo Evolution Framework! Pretty sure those might have a place on in terms of training Mycroft.

The other VLC project is awesome, as you probably know we are porting Mycroft to Unity 8 (Phone and Desktop), and will need devs experienced to help us do that. We are also looking to create a management app that runs on Ubuntu Phone.