💡 INTRODUCTION: Dominique Garcia, Radio Personality/ Journalist

Hi everyone, my name is Dominique Garcia. I am an internationally known radio personality and journalist. Aside from that, I am a huge advocate of artificial intelligence.

I come to you from another company/forum where I was one of the head forum moderators. That company is called NextOS, formerly Guile3d. I have no affiliation with that company aside from being a fan. I spent 5 years with that project and during those 5 years I (along with a few others) had customized [Denise] the A.I. program to do all kinds of things. Even things the creator never dreamed of.

In fact, in 2011 I had programmed Denise to become the world’s first artificial intelligent radio DJ. (Google it, you’ll see) The story gained international media attention and was featured on media outlets throughout the world such as MSNBC, All NBC affiliates, CNN, plus much much more.


I have even started a YouTube channel for customizations and help assisting other forum members with the program. Here is one of my videos.


I stumbled across MyCroft and became excited because one of my ongoing projects was to get Denise into every room. With MyCroft, this takes a lot less effort on my behalf since MyCroft does most of the legwork by using hardware. I am excited to be here and I hope to one day own a few units so I can fully integrate my smart home with.

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Hi, Ryan here. Did they create custom voices in that project! Is be interested in hearing the process they used if you are familiar with that.

Are you talking about the actual voice or voice commands?

Yes I programmed her to do most of what was in that video using the A.I.'s brain editor.

Denise uses Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation. So we discovered on the forum that you can bypass the in-program brain editor by using Dragons CMD BROWSER. This was used mostly for those people who do not know the AIML language.

It may be helpful to know that Denise uses an SDK version of Dragon Naturally Speaking so, you do not get all the features as a full version like the Dragonbar, Macro recorder, etc. However some of us on the forum have discovered a workaround and have gotten the full version of Dragon to work with her.