💡 Introduction: Danny Jones, Electronics/Computer tech, and others

Hi, I’m Danny Jones. I do many things like electronics repairs, local pc tech in my area, large telescope maker with electronics integrations, and dabble in some other areas. I’m a friend of Dominique Garcia’s, having been in the same AI project created by NextOs (Guile3d) with “Denise”. Dom turned me to take a look at Mycroft, and is agreed, Mycroft has much potential in the AI field. I’m excited to see what this forum will bring, programming, scripting, hardware mods, etc. That will be very exciting. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this forum, and can’t wait for the device availability and all the things it can do.


Glad to have you here! Hope that we can plug you into the project as soon as possible! Stick around and share your ideas with the community, interested to hear what you think!