💡 Introduction: Alejandro Seoane, Web Presence Lead of Mycroft A.I

Hello everyone,

My name is Alejandro Seoane, I am the Web Presence Lead in Mycroft’s core Team.

IT Professional, Web designer and developer at heart. I am a technology enthusiast, I have been tied to open source since I discovered it. I am a team player in a group of young people; who is always open to new knowledge and likes to be out of his comfort zone.

Working on this project has opened up my eyes to see the true potential of open source, and learn how extending Mycroft can be useful for the community.

I am very excited to see the Artificial Intelligence integrated in our homes, in a responsible way, as a tool that helps us with our daily lives’ routines, but nothing that we depend on.

As a member to this community, I’m open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback, there is always room for improvement to make Mycroft sexy, clean and user friendly for all.