Built in skills keep reinstalling

I have a usecase with HomeAssistant where a calendar turns on an alarm, and when I’m ready to wake up, I tell Mycroft “Turn off Masterbedroom Alarm”

This conflicts with the keywords of the default Alarm skill, so every morning I have to experience this flow:

Me: Hey Mycroft
M: Turn off Masterbedroom Alarm
MyCroft: There are no active alarms
M: Uninstall alarm skill
MC: Confirming, do you want me to uninstall Mycroft Alarm by Mycroft AI?
M: Yes
MC: Mycroft Alarm by Mycroft AI has been uninstalled
M: Hey Mycroft
M: Turn off Masterbedroom alarm
MC: Masterbedroom alarm has been turned off

The work around I have found is to use the MQTT skill to send a command in the morning to uninstall the skill, wait 2 seconds and then send another command of “yes”

How can I prevent unwanted builtin skills from being reinstalled?

they will keep reinstalling, you must blacklist them so they don’t load.

Alternatively just edit the skill and it will stop updating, eg, replace __init__.py with an empty file

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How do I black list them, that sounds preferable from deleting the init script


Thank you very much for the assistance.