Building a Mycroft Community Recognition Program

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From our inception, Mycroft has relied heavily on our Community. We learn more when our Community tests code on different operating systems. Our Community is the reason we have such a robust selection of skills. Without our Community, it would take us months to tag the utterances (contributed by the Community!) used to train Precise. We are grateful to you.

The better we can engage our current Community, and welcome new, diverse members, the better we can make Mycroft. For that reason, we wanted to test a Community Recognition Program. We are looking at this program to be a bit more than the kudos we give in the weekly newsletter. It will highlight many new ways Community members can get involved and help move the project forward.

Testing a Mycroft Community Recognition Program

Starting in October, we will test a pilot project with 100 Community members to learn how to best recognize our Community. These first Ambassadors will test a point system and help us decide how to reward those who contribute to the project.

Until now, some of the only ways to help with the project involved coding, offering support on the forum, or tagging Wake Words. The Mycroft Community Recognition Program will roll out several new ways for Community members to contribute. Moreso, badges, prizes, shoutouts, and more will be explored so participants will feel rewarded for their time. If you have wanted to contribute to the Open Source, privacy-focused voice assistant - but haven’t known how - here is your chance.

Please fill out this form to let us know you would like to be a Mycroft Ambassador. This is your chance to help shape the future of Open Source voice computing.

Stand and be recognized!