Bug with date in other languages

When I ask “quel est le jour” (what is this day in french) the answer is, as expected, the date in french but when I ask “quelle est la date” (what date is it) the answer is the same date but in english !

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Mycroft’s parser module was spun off into a package called Lingua Franca, on which I happen to be a community collaborator, so I can give you a bulleted list =P

  • A contributor recently submitted some French-language improvements which have not yet made it to Mycroft itself, but will soon
  • In general, languages other than English lag behind, because the people who contribute the most tend to develop in English. A few speak a different language at home, and sometimes develop for that language, but English gets by far the most attention. Afaik, it’s also the only one that’s “officially supported” - in the sense that YMMV, not in the sense that nobody will help! - by the company. I might have missed something in that respect.
  • The datetime parsers are in flux. Another collaborator is working on a rewrite. This is slower going than some other efforts because the company is very focused on the Mk2 rollout, and the collaborators are very focused on… drumroll… porting various bits of community code to the Mk2.

Tl;dr on behalf of the people with write access to the library responsible, I apologize. It’s not a low priority, but it’s also not going to be fixed tomorrow.

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it doesn’t matter if it is not corrected immediately, the important thing is that it is planned.
Thank you