Book - Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Interesting title. Did anyone read it?


Currently listening to this book on audible. It’s a very interesting! A lot of the concepts seems very outlandish and something way beyond our time but the philosophy on them is pretty interesting otherwise. I recommend it.

Just finished the audio book. Fantastic read.

If you remember the 12 AI aftermath scenarios mentioned in the book, which one do you think is the world in the movie ‘Her’?

I felt it’s Libertarian utopia (humans exist but not in control and not safe) that might turn into Conquerors (humans don’t exist), Decendants (humans don’t exist), or Zookeeper (humans exist, safe, but not happy).

Libertarian utopia
Humans, cyborgs, uploads and super intelligence coexist peacefully thanks to property rights.

AI takes control, decides that humans are a threat/nuisance/waste of resources, and gets rid of us by a method that we don’t even understand.

AIs replace humans, but give us a graceful exit, making us view them as our worthy descendants, much as parents feel happy and proud to have a child who’s smarter than them, who learns from them and then accomplishes what they could only dream of—even if they can’t live to see it all.

An omnipotent AI keeps some humans around, who feel treated like zoo animals and lament their fate.

@oren I agree that it’s Libertarian utopia, but towards the end when all of the AI’s started evolving they really never explicitly tell us what happened after. I feel though that Descendants resonates with me more on what a sequel of ‘Her’ would be like.