Bluetooth pairing issue

I’m trying now to run mycroft on a raspberry pi3, I’ve tried two version of Picroft ( 2018-3-14 “Pi Day” release and 0.9.1) and followed the istruction here but I can’t do the pairing with my bluetooth speaker.

The “scan on” command simply can’t find any device, and I’ve other 3 bluetooth device active in the room so I should at least see some of them.

Also: pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover give me a “Failure: module initilization failed” error and a dmesg output a " hci0 command 0x0x14 tx timeout" error

Someone managed to use bluetooth sucessully on Picroft ?

Bluetooth output on Picroft appears to be one of the most problematic issues to solve; there have been several threads over the last few months but nothing definitive I’m afraid;

Yeah I’ve noticed a couple of those post, thanks anyway for pointing them to me. I’ve installed a regular raspbian stretch lite and the bluetooth work regularly so for me is a Picroft issue, I guess I’ll do my test with a usb audio card for the moment

Hi @Decagrog

I’ve also experienced the same issues. Damn painful really.

However, I’ve discovered a work around. Although not ideal, it does work every time.

  1. Remove the device that you want paired from the Bluetooth GUI. (if it is there)
  2. Open a terminal and input the following, step by step:
    power on
    agent on
    scan on

cd /home/pi
sudo killall bluealsa
pulseaudio --start

pair 21:22:33:44:57:7B (mac address should be replaced with your devices’)
trust 21:22:33:44:57:7B (mac address should be replaced with your devices’)
connect 21:22:33:44:57:7B (mac address should be replaced with your devices’)

And that’s it, you should be good to go with sounds on your device.

Hope this helps.

Nathan King

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Hi Nathan,

Right now I’m testing another voice recognition framework but it’s great that you find a workaround for the bluetooth! I need a really compact system and can’t allow to use a usb audio stick, so I’ll give it a try as soon I’ve some time

Hi @Decagrog

No worries, good luck with your current testing.