Bluetooth audio problem

hi there,

I wish to use Picroft as part of a home automation system I’ve successfully installed the picroft image. I can interact with picroft from it cli interface over ssh, however, I wish to use it with a cheap bluetooth speaker. I’m followed the guide

I have the bluetooth timer service set up - upon rebooting picroft successfully reconnects to the speaker over bluetooth, however, after following the “connect the audio section” mycroft stops working as it can no longer connect to the message bus, with first line of the errors being,

In fact a whole screen of errors are produced. I can’t seem to find where in the logs these errors are, and they disappear soon afterwards and haven’t been able to capture them.

if i restart all the mycroft services, mycroft connects to the messagebus, but doesn’t progress any further when I start the the cli interface.

any suggestions as to what to try next?

Hi there @Tony_R, thanks for reporting this.
We really need some logs to help with diagnostics - is there any chance you could grab your logs for us to look at?

You can find more information on grabbing logs here.

I’ve managed to get it working

instead of following the “connect the audio" section of [ 2]( 2)

I followed the post

it would appear that in my specific case and for reasons unknown to myself using the unix socket is problematic

Thanks for confirming it’s working for you now