Bitcoin Now Accepted by StartEngine

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Have you ever lost a coin in your couch cushion and found it later? Well, losing cryptocurrency is a little different but happens all the time. Now imagine if you found one Bitcoin out there. At the time of writing, it would be worth ~$8100. Just a couple weeks ago that was only $6200.

Now the question is – what do you do with your newfound $8,100? Obviously, you buy a gadget of some sort. I’m partial to the Mycroft Mark II, but that’s just me. Or, maybe take out your significant other for a nice night on the town. (Get the surf and turf, you deserve it.) But what is really exciting is that starting this week you can also invest in Mycroft using Bitcoin. We are proud to be part of a handful of companies working with StartEngine to now accept BTC! All you have to do is go through the process of investing and select Bitcoin (BTC) as the payment type. From there they walk you through the process. Probably explained better here:

Regardless if you are a crypto millionaire or just a dabbler in it, it is always good to see the expanding list of items you can purchase with it. Breaking down geographical borders, and securing transparency are great things not only in the crypto world but also in open source. If you’ve been waiting, now is the perfect time to check out your only opportunity to invest in the only community-driven, pure voice company.

Investing in Mycroft with Bitcoin is now an option thanks to StartEngine accepts

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