Best way to handle similar padatious intents

Hi all,
I am running into an issue where a set of skills I am developing has a growing list .intent files that are starting to look similar to one another (ie: “select device X”, “select object Y”, “select thing Z”). In my case, I would like the use the word “select” for my skills. I think since I am using “select” a lot in relatively short length intents, this is resulting in confusion within mycroft where it is selecting a wrong skill more times than I would like. I thought that I could use the common query framework/ common play framework but they seem to work best for asking questions(ie: “what is”, “what is”) and saying “play” respectively. I was wondering if there a framework in place that would allow me to define common term or if there is a common practice I should try? Thank you if you took the time to read this.

Is there any reason this cannot be one skill with multiple intents as opposed to multiple skills with similar intents? One skill could have an ever increasing pool of intents to process. Just a thought.

atm there is no particular reason that my set of skills could not be one mega skill. I’m still fairly new to how mycroft works in the grand scheme. Ill give this a go and post on whether or not it can find the intended intent better.