Best Implementation of Internet Radio

Looking for a way to stream Di.FM an AudioAddicts service on Mycroft. From what I found there isn’t a great way… Hopped someone has already done this or knows of a way. From my research I could potentially use Plex & and the plugin for plex Then I could use Plexmusic skill to play this (Plexmusic Skill - Test and Feedback). Thoughts?

More informaiton:
I am a paying customer of and have access to .pls from my stations.

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Do the .pls feeds themselves require authentication or is authentication only required to get the url?

I know that John had to do a little work to get pls streams working in the TuneIn Skill. So one option would be to fork that and create a very small private Skill to just handle that feed.

This would be a more direct option but will require playing with some code. How is your Python?

Thanks! I’ve been a lurker for several months.

No the .pls does not require authentication. Its a unique URL. Understood about tweaking another skill. Just wondered if something pre-existed without to much extra setup. Not much of Python programmer. Mostly do C/C++/VBA but could learn it. Curiously, I found an alternate way of doing the above. Using an Emby server and a .strm file ( you can play pretty much any stream that’s in the MP3 format. Not exactly a fan of running yet another server, but it works so can’t complain to much. Also AAC doesn’t seem to work.