Beep when it captured the wake word

Is there anyway to sound a beep when PiCroft captures the wake word? Right now, I don’t know whether it got it when I call its name or not. If it didn’t get it and I continue with my query, I would be wasting my time waiting for nothing. When there is a beep, I know he got the wake word and waiting for my query.


up voting this comment … without running view_log util cant tell if mycroft listening …

Some posted a solution to this in another thread, haven’t tried it myself but take a look:

We are about to release a new version with a wake word noise, as well as the ability to use your own sound. :slight_smile:


Well done! When (days or weeks) will that be done? Thank you for your work.

can’t wait to test it out. thanks.

anyway, where is the best place to check the changelog or new release announcement?

The 0.8.3 release with this in it will be later today (2/10/2017). It is live in the Dev branch if you can’t wait!

You can find release notes here:

and here:
We are working on a weekly email update for those of you that would find that beneficial .

Hi all, I’m using 0.8.3 but I do not have the beep. Did I miss something?

beep working on
“coreVersion”: “0.8.5”,
“enclosureVersion”: “0.1.21”

Where can I get it? I thought I needed version 0.8.5?

Sorry I was wrong, it didn’t make it in to the official release until 0.8.4. If you are using Picroft or an apt-get package install it will update within 24 hours or the next time you reboot the system. If you are using a github install, just pull down the latest code.