Basic Skill issues

Hi all, new to mycroft and python, but I know my way around C# and similar.
Trying to make a simple skill to tell me the CPU temp as practise, but it will not recognise the intent. I’ve followed and read through the tutorial on the main page, but can’t see where I’ve gone wrong. I’ve tried searching around the forums, and have found many mentions of a .voc file, but nothing in the skill documentation about it, and several skills I’ve looked at have a test folder with .json intents in them, but again, not sure why or how.
Is there another tutorial or further explanation? Do I need to run my intent file through a program to teach mycroft?

Sorry for the basic questions, can’t seem to find the answers on my own.

Hi, I used this:, at the beginnig there was a clash / colission betwen weather and the new CPU temp skill. After I started pronuncing properly, I am not an english native speaker, skill has worked fine. So the URL above might serve you as an inspiration.

Thanks Petr, I actually have that skill installed and responded to the author’s request for feedback. I used it as the basis for my own skill purely for practise. It helps having a fully working, simple skill to compare against, but I’m clearly missing something.

Hey Maharava,

Did you already have a look at the Intents documentation?

Voc files are used by the Adapt intent parser.

The json files in the test folder are documented here under Automatic Testing though I’ve been meaning to clean this page up a bit.

Have you got your Skill available online anywhere we can have a look at?

Hi Gez,

Thanks for the help. I deleted and remade the skill with msk and it now works fine, so no doubt it was simply a misspell somewhere. Sorry for the silly question! Thanks again

Great, glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile: