Auto Translate Skill

How to install Auto Translate Skill

Install SKILL NAME by the command

mycroft-msm install

Dependencies are mtranslate from PyPi but mycroft-msm will install that when skill is installed.

Auto Translate Skill connects to google translate serice.

How to test Auto Translate Skill

You need to run a different language than en-us. When you do that, every skill will traversed and missing translations will be made.
This happens when Auto Translate Skill initialize and every time a skill is loaded.

Each file that is beeing translated will have a line on top added and for every line a comment with the original text. Like this:

# This file is auto translated by auto-translate skill. 
# The temperature in {{friendly_name}} is {{temperature}} degrees.
Temperaturen i {{friendly_name}} er {{temperature}} grader.  
# It is {{temperature}} degrees in {{friendly_name}}.
det er {{temperature}} grader i {{friendly_name}}. 

If the translation is complete - as there werent any language folder for current language - there will be added a AUTO_TRANSLATED file into the lang folder.

A test should result in the skils that are beeing translated will load and function with new language.

Where feedback on Auto Translate Skill should be directed a

Please give feedback through here as reply, Issues on GitHub, or via Mycroft Chat.

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Hi andlo
cool skill. but you are aware that skills no longer update automatically afterwards. I had already played with sending data to translate.mycroft. Download already works. that would be an idea for you

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No I didnt think of that…But good point. A nother solution is requered then :slight_smile:

How do you get and send data to ? I have veen looking for info on that for long time as it is easier and faster to translate files localy and test localy than on the translation site and waite for translation to get merged.

working on an alternatie solution. So hold on testing this skill for now :slight_smile: I’ll be back jus like Arnold :slight_smile:

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