Auto start and slow reply

I installed Mycroft on my rasspberry pi 4 1 gb ram version can anyone help me with a way to make it start with the boot of rasspbian and it’s replying slowler than I expected is that because of the ram size or there a way that I can make it reply faster ?

I’ve noticed this too I think there’s a python library that needs installing… check the mycroft cli on start up and check if it throwing up any warnings. I haven’t restarted yet so I haven’t seen the effect.

I doubt this will have an effect start up time but should decrease the time it takes to respond.

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Thank you for your help, I checked it and there is no errors occurred at all !

Hey Muhammed,

For response time, depending on your mic, you can try the suggestion here:

As for auto-starting Mycroft, there are many ways to achieve this, but the simplest is probably to add the relevant commands to your ~/.bashrc file. You can see the Picroft .bashrc file here. On the final line we call which is also in the Picroft repo. Currently this is a bit of a “do everything” script that could do with some refactoring but hopefully that gives you an idea.

hi, the suggestion on how to decrease the response time, the mentioned method makes it work better but I still couldn’t make the auto start steps I tried it but it didn’t work, I am using it on rassbian.

thank you

Iam sorry but I am still can’t make my assitant autostart , can you please help me with clear steps or a video tutorial
thank you.

I tried to edit ./bashrc file and nothing happened at all

hey, what did you add to your ~/.bashrc?

If you just want to start all Mycroft services you could add:

~/mycroft-core/ all