Audio with logitech p710e


I didn’t see this device listed on the forum elsewhere so maybe it’s useful. I’m using a Logitech P710e conference speakerphone with picroft. It’s a USB speaker and mic in one basically. Perhaps not ideal in terms of mic for a mycroft device but good enough to test with. Took a while to figure out how ALSA recognises the devices. The mic worked fine out of the box but not the speaker. I got it working eventually by editing

"play_wav_cmdline": "aplay -Dplughw:2,0 %1",
"play_mp3_cmdline": "mpg123 -a hw:2,0 %1",
"enclosure": {
    "platform": "picroft"
"tts": {
  "mimic": {
     "path": "/home/pi/mycroft-core/mimic/bin/mimic"
"ipc_path": "/ramdisk/mycroft/ipc/"

Changing the aplay argument to -Dplughw:2,0 is the critical part.
After that you can run mycroft-start audiotest and check again and it should playback fine.