Audio skill does not work on google aiy voice kit

I am using picroft on the google aiy voice enclosure. It seems to work just fine. The buttons work properly and the unit responds correctly to my speech. But when I try to use the record-audio skill, I cannot seem to get the recording function to work. I let it record for a minute and play it back and all I hear is scratchy static. If I listen very closely, I can hear barely hear the recorded sound but it is illegible and almost totally lost in the background static. I can tail the skills log, but I do not see any errors or warnings during either recording or playback.

Question: Is this the expected result? It is hard to believe that – if the microphone is recording as badly as this – that mycroft can understand my voice but cannot legibly record it. Has anyone else with the google aiy voice kit getting the same result? I tried using the microphone test at the command line and got a similar result. Perhaps there is some sort of configuration change that I need to make? Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.