ASUS Tinker Board version?

Is anyone running Mycroft on an ASUS Tinker Board?

SD image that I can download? (Might as well ask!)

Is building Mycroft on a Tinker Board realistic, or should I just experiment with a Pi?

I have the same question. I have MyCroft running on a Pi and on Arch (super easy). When I get some time, I’d like to try MyCroft on maybe Armbian on an ASUS Tinker Board. It would also be nice if I could get the instances of my account to communicate (“Set an alarm for tomorrow at 5:00 AM in my bedroom.”)… but that’s another topic.

Unfortunately because there are so many single board computers - Banana Pi, Tinkerboard, Orange Pi and so on, we’re unable to support anything other than the RPi 3 and RPi 3B+.

You’re of course welcome to try and build Mycroft on any platform you choose. We use Ubuntu as our reference operating system, and you can find the process we use to build the Raspberry Pi image - Picroft - at;

As a further note on this - our 2018 Picroft Survey also indicated that we should focus our efforts primarily on the RPi3 and RPi 3B+ - there were a handful of “other” Devices in the responses, but there was wide diversity in what other Devices people had.

Thank you so much for your thorough and lightening fast responses, Kathy!

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