Aprilaire 8920w integration?

I have an aprilaire 8920w thermostat. My alexa can run the thurmostat for what I need. However, I want to move from Alexa to Mycroft for many reasons. I contacted Aprilaire, they tell me they do not have an API, is there a way to get Mycroft to work with it without an API? My gut says no, but wanted to ask.

So the unit supports Alexa, and Google, it has an android and IOS app, but no API?. Maybe they are not making it public but there must be some form of API for it to support those devices. It is wifi enabled so it must be sitting on your network with an IP address, does it have a web interface? might be able to get in through there. Could also try wireshark with the app to see how things are being done.

Without an public api stuff gets complicated. I looked at homeassistant if someone had made an reverse engenering and a component for that device. But didnt find any.
So my guess is that is until an open api comes from the manifacture or someone do the hard work in reverse engenering it is a no go :frowning:

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@andlo is right on this one - the product will need a public API before Mycroft can can interact with it - or some form of connectivity that Mycroft can leverage.

You could setup tasker on the phone, setup a IFTT and connect tasker to IFTT, and then connect mycroft whith IFTT. as I remember there is a webhook on IFTT that you could use.

So mycroft sends command to IFTT, there connects whith Tasker on your phone, taht controles the app on the phone to change the room temperature.

It could work, but I see a lot of trials and errors and nothing that is more than “wow it were posible”.