app/GUI development

As it stands now, the only official mycroft software is a CLI on Linux ( I know about Plasma and Android but those aren’t official). Seeing as you are progressing in the development on Mycroft, when are you (approximately) planning to release a GUI on Linux and/or on Android, Windows and other platforms. Personally I am interested in a GUI on Linux since it would make use a lot easier, and most of all, an app for Android, since I would probably use it on my phone the most. still alpha

I didn’t know you were already working on it, do you have a (approximate) timeline for this project and the other platforms?

Plasma Mycroft widget is quite mature and works well. There is a gnome extension as well, but I didn’t tried and I think is an alpha stage.
I tried the Android APK from TREE Technologies (didn’t want to play with Android Studio), but I can’t even figure how to connect to the Mycroft websocket (I didn’t played enough, but I can tell you is not plug and play, and there is no explanation how to make it work).