Anyone using the Anker PowerConf S330 on Pi?

I’m hoping to set up a PiCroft, and this Anker USB Conference speaker looks great, but it’s not on the supported hardware list. Has anyone tried it, or does anyone have a guess as to whether it will work?

It works but not great with Linux or didn’t if they have fixed the firmware as it did work OK on windows.
Strange though as I have the C300 webcam also and the audio & NS on that is awesome in comparison as the S330 is gathering dust.

Thanks. Have you tried it with PiCroft? And is “not great” good enough, or really not?

On linux it did not work great as a working device for picroft its useless Anker gave me a 100% refund its that good unless they have sorted out the firmware.
If I remember rightly it was cutting the start of the wav input or was it the output and really strange but on windows it works fine.

Plus anyway everyone seems to think beamformer alone suddenly make this great mic setup for a voiceAI.
Its not so as with commercial voiceAI units beamforming is integrated and likely synced to KW that are methods absent. Prob also is synced to other algs, in fact Google I don’t think do bother with beamforming unlike Amazon and get better results.
The AEC of what they play is often quite good but often media noise is from a 3rd party source which it does nothing for say TV but also software AEC such as Speex is pretty reasonable anyway.

This for me is the best as gives you options for the mic but really due to lack of DSP you just need one but this is a stereo high quality ADC even if it may resemble a butt plug.

Interesting. Thanks.