Anyone using Porcupine for hotword detection? need some help

Wondering if anyone is using Porcupine for hotword detection. I have setup my mycroft.conf. to use the porcupine module. as per these instructions:

Alas porcupine no longer has a way to creating a wake word within the command terminal.

There are existing wake words that are inlcuded with porcupine, although I have no idea as how to set up mycrof.conf to use the included wake word, any pointers?

current mycroft.conf settings:

“hotwords”: {
“hey mycroft”: {
“module”: “porcupine”,
“porcupine_path”: “~/.mycroft/Porcupine”,
“keyword_file_path”: “~/.mycroft/Porcupine/resources/keyword_files/raspberry-pi/blueberry_raspberry-pi.ppn”

I guess the question is how to get porcupine to load and use an included wakeword on a raspberry pi. tnx much++ for any help++

Turns out there is an issue with the new Procupine repo working with Mycroft. Issue has been raised here in mycroft github issues for anyone wanting to follow the thread.

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