Anyone in the UK want a MyCroft Mark 1 Extendable?

[UK only - sorry for wasting other folks time]

The idea of Mycroft and a Open AI is smashing and I understand that privacy and availability to the maker community is a excellent trait for a voice assistant. That said, I have a new baby and realistically I don’t have any spare hobby time. I want my MyCroft Mark 1 to go to someone who would get some joy out of it rather than sitting gathering dust on my desk. It’s fully functional and I still have the box it came in. It’s running a recent version of the software.:

$ apt list --installed | grep mycroft-core
mycroft-core/unknown,now 0.9.0 armhf [installed]

The easiest thing for me is to put it on Ebay: - there’s no minimum price set on it. I’ll put a UK plug adaptor in the box.

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