Any updates on the GUI front, with distributions moving to QT6, are you providing any plugin/applet or any other plans?

With lot of distributions moving forward, what are Neon AI’s plans to support QT6 and I have been informed that your implementation of QT5 won’t just be supported, what are your future plans to support graphical frameworks, or are you dropping support ?

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I can’t speak for Neon, as I don’t work for them, but my understanding is that Neon and their upstream partner OVOS are interested in both maintaining existing Qt5 GUIs and creating Qt6 options. However, there are no Qt devs on the Neon or OVOS teams, and a very long list of projects to do.

If you are a Qt dev or know any who are up to the task, please do reach out to OVOS and Neon. Any time I’ve spoken to them about this they want to support it but don’t have the resources to do so properly.


A Qt 6 version has been spawned but as @mikejgray mentioned, there is a lack of Qt developers :upside_down_face:

While I appreciate your response, isn’t Neon AI the replacement or successor of the MycroftAI organisation? From my understanding, Neon AI purchased or struck some deal with original MycroftAI has been shipping the new Mark 2 units (As I am an original backer of one and running one). MycroftAI, in collaboration with KDE, was previously working to advance the Mycroft GUI, which I was running on my desktop until I decided to update.

However, it seems you mentioned two different projects, OVOS and Neon AI, utilising MycroftAI’s original GUI work without significant progress (What is the connection?). While MycroftAI promised further development, these projects appear to be moving away from GUI development and desktop support. Is that correct?

Additionally, it seems the Mycroft blogs are no longer available, but I found these old links related to KDE’s involvement:

  1. Mycroft's GUI Goodness
  2. GitHub - MycroftAI/mycroft-gui: The Graphical User Interface used by the Mycroft Mark II and more

I also noticed that neither Neon AI (previously MycroftAI) nor OVOS (your mentioned project and link) attribute their GUI developments back to KDE or the original GUI developers, does that mean NeonAI no longer works with KDE after the name change from MycroftAI is that correct? There is no mention on either website or proper attributions, but the images for mark 2 still seem to use the GUI framework developed by MycroftAI. However, there is no mention of KDE in the GUI work used by these projects on their websites or are we missing a link there or some support URL?

Lastly, what I also asked about earlier was other GUI frameworks like GTK or HTML? Are there any efforts to replace the work previously done by KDE since no further progress is being made there on supporting newer distributions and it seems you have no further progress there?