Any thoughts on hardware integration outside of mycroft units themselves?

Just wondering if you guys have made any enquiries about getting Mycroft integrated into certain hardware that is common to the home?

I was just in the bathroom/restroom in a restaurant and I noticed it had a speaker in the ceiling, and I was thinking how great it would be to have a voice controlled radio for my own bathroom (because I was washing my hands, not because… oh, never mind).

Anyway, this made me think that it would be great if included with one of these DAB radios you can buy here in the UK - do you have them in the USA? Oh, apparently you don’t, well it’s a digital radio, but it would be quickly made obsolete if a voice-controlled internet radio player were to come on the market - and Mycroft fits the bill quite nicely.

So have you considered this and similar ideas as potential alternative revenue streams? I realise you’ve just got to get the code out for now, but once v1 is out, anything you can do to increase the visibility of this project and get more developers in would help to make it the de facto FOSS AI. I don’t know how you feel about licensing the name and all that: It could bring in money and keep the company viable so Mycroft keeps getting improved, although I realise a lot of people don’t like this kind of thing.

I’m sure you’ve already considered this but just to mention it for the sake of completion, there’s lots of things that could benefit from, be replaced by or have Mycroft’s technology directly embedded into it: televisions, car radio/interface, landland telephones, door bells, …

Can anyone think of anything else …?

Nest thermostats / nest protects?

What about a mycroft thermostat? Google has acquired Nest so i would imagine and information the Nest thermostat collects go’s straight back to google(not a fan of this product any more was going to buy one but not now)

While part of me thinks, “It’s just a thermostat - how hard can it be?”, building the hardware themselves would be somewhat out of the project’s scope. Especially as it will inevitably be compared to Nest’s offering which has losts of smart stuff integrated in it. Instead there would have to be a company out there already building a thermostat that wants voice control. Ideally, it would be a thermostat with an OpenAPI, then nothing other than writing a new skill need be done, I’d imagine.

Still, it can’t be that hard to stick an arduino onto an RF thermostat (easily said, coming from someone who’s never stuck an arduino on anything).

A quick google turned up this (slightly dated) page from someone who has started to look into this in 2012, but without the benefit of an AI.

Reading into that blog a little more makes me wonder if all of these smart meters that are coming out will have APIs - that could lead to some interesting applications…

Nest is not even compatible with SmartThings: Big Brother Google wants total control…

Hhhmm the all to firmilular sound of heating diy artist​:confused::hushed:

All this talk about heating, thermostats has flicked on the little light bulb lol, seeing as this is what I do for a living why not combine this topic and mycroft ? And the first mycroft thermostat is consieved :sweat_smile:. Now need to find a thermistor and my raspberry pi .

Does MyCroft have an interface which allows Raspberry Pi integration.
Very cool to have a Pi3 robot controlled by MyCroft
Especially now Pi3 has decent power and bluetooth, should be easy (ish) to integrate new bluetooth sensors into a Pi3 and have MyCroft do the interpretation
Are there any projects on the go like this?


Can you explain a little more what you mean by
Raspberry Pi integration? If you’re suggesting that it could be run on a RPi then it’s already done :smiley: The Mycroft unit itself is a Raspberry Pi
(originally 2, but now it’s going to be version 3 I think) and an
Arduino board in a box (there might be a bit more to the “box” part, but
that’s the guts of it anyway).

In which case, I suppose there’s nothing to stop you from giving Mycroft some legs…

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If someone writes a skill for them, don’t see why not. There appears to be an API with a bunch of documentation. Homeassistant also appears to have some level of support for Nest (maybe not cameras?) as well, so the HA skill might also be workable.