Any idea to integrate emotion with mycroft + interface

I am happy to be in your forum, I have two questions:

  • Using emotion recognition with mycroft like opensmile or any other tool. To check the users emotion based on the speech?

  • Can we add an avatar as an interface for mycroft? It means show the avatar when ask a question?

Thank you for your help

We haven’t done any integrations with opensmile or any other emotion engine, but would love to see a project that makes use of the technology.

As for an avatar, I expect you can make something awesome using the Mycroft KDE Plasmoid, but we haven’t done any work on it yet. Once again we’d love to see a contribution that uses an Avatar to better interact with the user.

Keep the ideas coming and, if you have time, grab a text editor and submit a skill. We’d love to see something awesome that uses an avatar and responds to users based on the emotional context of their query!